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Shipping and returns

When can I expect my order to arrive? 
All orders are expected to arrive within 2 working days. 

I wish my order would arrive sooner than 2 days, is this possible?
If you - for any reason - wish to receive your order sooner than 2 days, you can send a request to We will do our very best to deliver your items as soon as possible. No guarantees on these request can be given. 

Can I order from my country?
We are very happy to take on international orders. Shipping is free worldwide. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee delivery within 2 days for international orders. We will contact you by email about the expected delivery date.

Can I choose the delivery company?

Deblon Sports primarily sends  the orders with DHL parcel service.




In case you wish to exchange or return any items of your order, please inform us within 14 days. Send us a message to with the following information: